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We are saddened to announce that after two seasons and 44 episodes, Goose Chicks Podcast has come to an end and will not return for a third season. Goose Chicks Podcast was built on the shared vision of lifting up women’s voices in the jam-band scene. We are proud to have fulfilled this vision through our guest interviews, fan art spotlights, podcast highlights, band interviews, and coverage of four music festivals.

As the first all women-led podcast in the Goose community, we felt it was important to bring awareness to the hardships of being a woman in a male-dominated scene. We highlighted issues such as consent culture, parenthood, love, gender identity, spirituality, and mental health.

While we will individually be creating our own Top Of The Flock 2023 Playlists and will be sure to share them on our social media pages, the end of the show also means the end of our relationship with WTED Radio – Top of The Flock as an official public exploration of Goose will also not continue. Seasons 1 & 2 will remain available on Spotify.

We of course, have quite a few folks to thank:

  • First we are grateful for the support of our listeners, thank you for allowing us to share our experiences and love of music with all of you.
  • To Osiris Media, especially RJ Bee and Matt Dwyer, thank you for supporting our vision and lifting up women’s voices.
  • To all of our guests, especially Naveed Quarterman, Ashley Driscoll, Becky Chinman, and Sam King, thank you for sharing your expertise, stories, and experiences with us.
  • To our sponsors Ben & Jerry’s and Sunset Lake CBD, thank you for spending your resources on our little show.

Goose Chicks Podcast would not have been so successful without the shared voices of our community, especially the Goose Chicks Facebook group which brought us together. And finally, thank you to Goose, for bringing us peace, joy, love, and healing through music.

We hope our episodes have inspired people to better support women in their community and live music scene. Please continue to support GrooveSafe to help create a safe space for everyone & Western Sun Foundation in their work within the Goose community.

As always, be kind to each other out there, and remember to keep it Ted. ❤️

In Love & Rhythm,
Leslie, Chelsea & Hannah


GCP was a show about the band Goose and the jam band scene from a few amazing Women who love them. We are a fan-focused show that centers female & LGBTQIA+ voices and experiences. We remain a great place to start your Goose/jam band journey. In our 2 seasons we talked a lot about Goose, but we also talked about art, connection, consent, and what makes the jam-band scene so special.



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Leslie Mac

is a long-time podcaster and jam-band aficionado. She previously produced & co-hosted Blackberry Jams presented by Ben & Jerry’s, an exploration of the intersections between the band Phish and Black Liberation.
She brings a healthy obsession with Goose to the show as well as a genuine love for all the Goose Chicks out there. In her non-Goose obsessed life she is a Digital Strategist and Communications Director for The Frontline. Leslie hails from Flatbush Brooklyn and lives in Charlotte, NC.

Hannah Liebreich

Professionally, Hannah’s an assistant professor of sociology, teaching and researching topics such as affirmative consent and youth subcultures. She hopes to bring some of these elements into the podcast.

She grew up with music-enthusiast parents, listening to the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and the Grateful Dead. She’s a long- time fan of the local jam scene in her home state, Ohio, and recently fell in love with Goose.

Chelsea Long

is a lover of live music and, with the discovery of Goose, new to the jam scene. She found Goose at the start of her spiritual awakening and has a deep spiritual connection to their lyrics and meditative jams.
Inspired by the Hungersite video series, Chelsea recently left her corporate job in nonprofit administration to start a creative art business making tie-dye clothing and accessories. She hopes to speak on the spiritual and creative connections between Goose’s music and fans.